Hello, friend.

My name is Jorge, aka nothing4free. I’m a Software Engineering + Cyberesecurity student as well as a passionate hacker who loves to play around with the technology that surrounds us. No matter if it’s computers, radio devices or any device capable of doing anything; I love testing and putting them to the limit. This place is my personal playground where I share my experiences, tools and investigations with the world.

hacking implies innovation, innovation needs hacking.

I strongly believe that hacking is a way to learn and to understand how a lot of stuff works, but I also believe that it’s one of the best ways to innovate and improve our existing technology. Without curious individuals that keep on challenging themselves to reverse-engineer and find the most unexpected flaws in all sorts of devices, we can’t really expect ourselves to improve and fix our flaws, because there’s not really a way to discover them without hacking.

hacking is not a crime; cracking is.

A hacker’s mind is headed towards the ethical side of vulnerability hunting. A hacker tries to fix the flaws they find or at least notify them to the proper authority with no intention other than the common benefit.

A cracker’s mind is headed towards the unethical side of vulnerability hunting. A cracker tries to find the flaws in they find and then try to exploit them for their own good, no matter if it harms others or not. These are considered cybercriminals.

A hacker is moved by curiosity. A cracker is moved by greed.

hack the planet!

Whoever has watched the movie “Hackers” knows this quote. It is not my intention to hack the entire planet, but rather to keep on learning about new technologies and how they could be used for stuff they’re not intended to. It’s one of my passions, but it would be very boring if I kept everything to myself, which is why this site exists.

I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do ;)

Happy hacking!